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KCRA finds California parolees cutting off GPS monitors

A KCRA Investigation following missing parolees found a serious flaw in the state’s prison realignment plan.

Sexual predators are supposed to be monitored by GPS under California’s Megan’s Law.  But KCRA has obtained a wanted list of parolees who either cut off or never showed up to wear their GPS monitor.  More than a thousand are missing and 900 of those are sex offenders. 

Under California’s realignment plan, even if the predators are caught it’s not a felony to cut off your GPS.  Last year, you’d serve out all of your sentence in the state pen.  Today, they don’t go back to prison, they end up in the county jail.  KCRA reviewed more than 8,000 parolee offenses over the last year and found most get minimal jail time ... if any.

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