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Extra Extra Monday: False-negative HPV tests, sex-selective abortion and sharecroppers of the sea

The New Haven Register
Connecticut superintendents get many perks in addition to salaries
“Meal allowances, housing help, generous mileage reimbursements and bonuses of up to $30,000 a year are some perks Connecticut school superintendents get in addition to their annual salaries.”

The Texas Tribune
A Part-Time Legislature, but in Whose Interest?
“Wth a conflict disclosure system rife with holes, virtually toothless ethics laws often left to the interpretation of the lawmakers they are supposed to regulate, and a Legislature historically unwilling to make itself more transparent, the reality is Texans know exceedingly little about who or what influences the people elected to represent them.”

The Arizona Republic
False-negative results found in HPV testing
“The labs continue to use the tests despite a June 8 FDA warning that HPV tests using SurePath can produce false negatives and national guidelines that call for using only FDA-approved tests, an Arizona Republic investigation has found.”

Fair Warning
Billboard Industry Touts Discredited Research to Support Safety Claims for Electronic Signs
“The new research has put the U.S. billboard industry into a defensive mode. In an effort to dismiss the findings, the industry’s top trade group quickly cited an unpublished U.S. government study to argue that the electronic displays pose no traffic safety hazard.”

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Seattle Weekly
Sharecroppers of the Sea
“As Alaska's deadliest catches become more regulated, ‘slipper skippers’ exploit those who actually fish.”

The Washington Post
India’s rising middle class prefers sons
“They were part of what news media reports heralded as an Indian middle class jolted into action by the shocking assault that led to the young woman’s death. Yet the same demographic group is also at the heart of an illegal practice that experts say contributes to violence and deep-seated discrimination against women in this rising economy: sex-selective abortion.”

The Tampa Bay Times
FBI's Scientology investigation: Balancing the First Amendment with charges of abuse and forced labor
“The untold story of two dogged FBI agents, witnesses on the lam, and the surrender of self inside the Church of Scientology.”

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