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IRE members work to boost transparency, cooperation in Kenya

Land Quest is an experiment in cross-border investigative journalism by two European, two Kenyan and one American journalist that seeks to redefine both the focus and the audience of development reporting.

The data reveals Kenya as the battlefield between two competing financial interests: the flow of aid money from Europe to Kenya, and multinational profits from Kenya to Europe. Aid money flows into Kenya to help strengthen institutions and private companies, from agro-industrialists to oil barons.

The project, funded by a grant from the European Journalism Centre, is designed to raise awareness about the need for developed and developing countries to become partners that work together through open data. 

Land Quest launched in January 2014 and has been featured by El Mundo, IJNET the European Journalism Centre and the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

IRE members Eva Constantaras and Eduard Martín-Borregón contributed to the project.

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