Extra Extra : Child labor

Extra Extra Monday: Prenatal screening tests, prison labor programs and nonprofit donations

Oversold and misunderstood: Prenatal screening tests prompt abortions | The New England Center for Investigative Reporting

Sparked by the sequencing of the human genome a decade ago, a new generation of prenatal screening tests, including MaterniT21, has exploded onto the market in the past three years. The unregulated screens claim to detect with near-perfect accuracy the risk that a fetus may have Down or Edwards syndromes, and a growing list of other chromosomal abnormalities.

But a three-month examination by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting has found that companies are overselling the accuracy of their tests and doing little to ...

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Extra Extra Monday: Hospice firms drain billions, JPMorgan hired China's elite, restaurants stay open despite violations

San Diego Has Fallen Behind on Combating Police Racial Profiling | Voice of San Diego
The San Diego Police Department has often failed to follow its own rules regarding the collection of racial data at traffic stops, saying the community isn't concerned about racial profiling. A local black officers group, the NAACP and a city councilman disagree.

Hospice firms draining billions from Medicare | The Washington Post
But over the past decade, the number of “hospice survivors” in the United States has risen dramatically, in part because hospice companies earn more by recruiting patients who aren’t actually dying, a Washington ...

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ExtraExtra Monday: Newborn screening delays, state fails to keep track of waste, the Pentagon's bad bookkeeping

Regulations Are Killed, and Kids Die | The Nation
Under pressure, the Obama administration withdrew rules barring young laborers from dangerous work—a decision with grave consequences for several families.

Health-care Web site’s lead contractor employs executives from troubled IT company | The Washington Post
The lead contractor on the dysfunctional Web site for the Affordable Care Act is filled with executives from a company that mishandled at least 20 other government IT projects, including a flawed effort to automate retirement benefits for millions of federal workers, documents and interviews show.

Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side | The New York Times ...

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Extra Extra Monday: Child sex trafficking, cigarette money and sweatshop workers

The Stolen Ones | The Sarasota Herald Tribune
Child sex trafficking is an underground economy that thrives here, and everywhere. How can we help those who have been ignored for so long?

Some N.J. private schools for disabled students cashing in on taxpayers | New Jersey Star-Ledger
A two-month Star-Ledger investigation found Somerset Hills and schools like it operate in a twilight zone of the state education system, under a unique set of rules that allows them to spend taxpayer money in ways few would tolerate of public schools.

15 Years Later, Where Did All The Cigarette Money Go? | NPR
Fifteen ...

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Extra Extra Monday: For-profit prisons, the Aurora shooter's ammo, Koch brother dispute tactics, child labor in gold mines

Gangs Ruled Prison as For-Profit Model Put Blood on Floor | Bloomberg News
“No national data tracks whether the facilities are run as well as public ones, and private-prison lobbyists for years have successfully fought efforts to bring them under federal open-records law. Yet regulatory, court and state records show that the industry has repeatedly experienced the kind of staffing shortages and worker turnover that helped produce years of chaos at Walnut Grove.”

Many mishaps among drillers, but few fines | EnergyWire
There are thousands of oil spills at the nation's onshore oil and gas well sites every year. But the ...

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Little has changed for child labor on farms in Oregon and the U.S.

"The Oregonian reports on lax enforcement of underage labor laws and inadequate safety rules for teens, problems that advocates say threaten the long-term health of thousands of children who work on American farms."

"Efforts to pay for closer monitoring have failed, and farm lobbyists have blocked tighter restrictions on the work children can do. The story draws on documents and visits to the fields by reporter Anthony Schick and photographer Faith Cathcart."