Extra Extra : Collaboration

Mishandling of Hurricane Sandy Reveals Questionable Red Cross Leadership

In a joint investigation of the Red Cross by ProPublica and NPR, numerous problems were found in the non-profit’s handling of Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy. After Gail McGovern took over the organization in 2008, many local employees were laid off across the country, shifting more of the Red Cross’ power to its executives in Washington.

The non-profit’s own self-reports highlight major mistakes during the two disasters, the most controversial being the commandeering of emergency vehicles and personnel during times of need to serve as backdrops to press conferences and publicity stunts. Other major concerns involve untrained volunteers, wasted ...

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Portable classrooms loosely monitored, regulated

Earthfix and InvestigateWest worked together and looked at portable, or mobile classrooms in Oregon and Washington.

"Several efforts are underway to create more efficient portables that offer healthier learning environments, including two prominent efforts in the Northwest," according to the report.

The team of journalists also made a database of various schools in the area where viewers can look up information.

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IRE members work to boost transparency, cooperation in Kenya

Land Quest is an experiment in cross-border investigative journalism by two European, two Kenyan and one American journalist that seeks to redefine both the focus and the audience of development reporting.

The data reveals Kenya as the battlefield between two competing financial interests: the flow of aid money from Europe to Kenya, and multinational profits from Kenya to Europe. Aid money flows into Kenya to help strengthen institutions and private companies, from agro-industrialists to oil barons.

The project, funded by a grant from the European Journalism Centre, is designed to raise awareness about the need for developed and developing countries ...

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Blair administration allowed NSA to spy on UK citizens

"The phone, internet and email records of UK citizens not suspected of any wrongdoing have been analysed and stored by America's National Security Agency under a secret deal that was approved by British intelligence officials, according to documents from the whistleblower Edward Snowden and published in a joint investigation by the Guardian and Britain's Channel 4 News."

Highway exhaust plagues many schools in Washington state

An InvestigateWest analysis found nearly 30 public schools in Washington sit within 500 feet of a major road, which decades of study have shown cause lifelong respiratory problems and asthma attacks through air polution and can boost school absenteeism. In one case of a school that re-opened in close proximity to a highway, 21 months passed between a concerned email from a health expert and action from the Seattle Schools officials. The re-opening of that school, John Marshall Junior High, accordign to InvestigateWest represents "one example of how, when it comes to air pollution near roads, Washington state school policies ...

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Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica reveal the NSA's campaign to undermine internet security

A joint report today from The Guardian, The New York Times and ProPublica reveals that "The National Security Agency is winning its long-running secret war on encryption, using supercomputers, technical trickery, court orders and behind-the-scenes persuasion to undermine the major tools protecting the privacy of everyday communications in the Internet age, according to newly disclosed documents."

Documents provided to The Guardian show the agency has cracked encryption and digital scrambling or circumvented such digital safeguards protecting data such as trade secrets, medical records, emails, web searches, internet chats and phone calls.

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Extra Extra Roundup: Labor Day edition

In this Labor Day edition of the Extra Extra Roundup, we highlight a sampling of some of the investigations into workplace issues over the past year. Have a suggestion for the list? Send it to extraextra@ire.org.

Rape in the Fields | The Center for Investigative Reporting, Frontline, Univision and The Investigative Reporting Program
"They harvest the produce and process the meat and eggs Americans eat every day. But many migrant women are paying a high price to put food on their families' tables."

Hard Labor | The Center for Public Integrity
“Each year, some 4,500 American workers die on ...

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Investigation reveals predatory coaches within USA Swimming

KPNX uncovered a pervasive problem with predatory coaches within USA Swimming and an organization accused of not doing enough to help the victims. Reporter Wendy Halloran also obtained a confidential memo that revealed USA Swimming recognizes it has a problem and needs to “Show Our Face.” For the past three years its strategy has been to decline the majority of interviews related to sexual misconduct cases and issue written statements instead. USA Swimming now states its putting its Executive Director Chuck Wielgus through an intensive media training program. And now its mantra is to "Educate, Prevent & Protect."

Scammers make millions through troubled rehab clinics

The Center for Investigative Reporting and CNN report widespread fraud in California's taxpayer-funded drug rehabilitation programs. They report that Rehab clinics in Southern California have reaped millions of dollars in public funds despite signs of deception or questionable billing practices, and open clinics are difficult to shut down because officials who try to end fraud run into "weak regulations, bureaucratic apathy and corruption in their own ranks."

Extra Extra Monday: Breaking the banks, assisted living, street gang recruiting and crowdsourced investigations

Breaking the Banks | Sarasota Herald-Tribune
“An investigation that began three years ago has found that at least half of Florida’s community banks failed because their leaders were greedy, arrogant, incompetent or sometimes corrupt. The newspaper obtained previously confidential state records that show how failed bankers broke the law, manipulated financial documents and gorged themselves on insider deals. These bank records had never before been collected by an American newspaper.”

Life and Death in Assisted living | ProPublica and Frontline
“More and more elderly Americans are choosing to spend their later years in assisted living facilities, which have sprung up as ...

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