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Propose, vote on ‘IRE by Design’ pop-up sessions

How to propose, vote on sessions

Wednesday - Friday: Propose a panel online

Wednesday - Saturday noon: Vote online for sessions you'd like to attend

Saturday, noon – IRE staff announces the winning sessions during the awards luncheon and posts information online

Saturday, 4:50-5:50 pm: – Winning sessions take place. Locations for each panel will be posted online.

Starting today you can submit panel ideas for IRE by Design, a set of seven Saturday sessions that are designed by attendees.

Here's the idea: Even with more than 150 sessions, we often hear from attendees who wish we'd had just one more session on a topic we missed. So this year, we saved some space in the program to try and rectify that. On Saturday afternoon, we've set aside five panel sessions and both hands-on rooms, and we're asking you to design the programming.

How to propose a session: Create an account on this page (same portal used for the CAR Conference Lightning Talks). This platform does not use your IRE login information. Once you've registered, submit a suggested session title and description. In the description field please indicate if your session is a panel or a hands-on class, and include the names of speakers. When you're done, hit "Create."

How to vote on a session: Go to this page and view the suggested IRE by Design sessions. Vote for your favorites.


Questions? Email IRE web editor Sarah Hutchins at

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