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IRE Conference audio available for download

Couldn't make it to all of the sessions on your IRE Conference wish list? We've got audio from nearly every panel and session. Full-length recordings are only available to IRE members. Some short audio clips will be made available to the public using Soundcloud.

To access conference audio, log in to IRE website and go to the IRE Conference schedule page. Find the session you'd like to listen to and click through to the landing page. If you don't remember the name or date of the session, try using the speakers page to look up a panel by presenter name.

If audio is available, you'll find a link to download the file. (If you're not a registered IRE member, you'll see a line that says, "Only members can listen to conference audio." Logging in to the site should switch this to a hyperlink.) Here's a list of all sessions we've uploaded.

If you find problems with the recordings, please let us know. You can email IRE Web Editor Sarah Hutchins at

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