IRE News : September 2008


The deadline for IRE's Knight Foundation matching grant is today - Tuesday, Sept. 30th.

If you've already sent in a pledge or donation -- whether it was part of the $25 Club effort or at another time -- our sincere thanks. If you know someone, perhaps a relative or friend who supports investigative journalism but might not know about us, now is the time to mention IRE. We need to have your donation -- or a pledge -- by the end of the day today. Knight will match all pledges made through December 2010. You can pay part now, part next year and ... Read more ...

Uplink relaunch

A free two-week trial of Uplink, the online computer-assisted reporting publication will begin on Oct. 1.  Watch for the link to the redesigned site on Wednesday. We’re excited about the new and improved Uplink. You’ll see what subscribers have come to expect: articles from seasoned journalists telling how they used data analysis in their news stories. We’ll continue to run First Venture stories by CAR newcomers, Mapping it Out features and Tech Tips. And we're adding features, including blog posts from top CAR experts. So check out Uplink, starting Wednesday.

Housing up-data-ed

NICAR's copy of the Housing Mortgage Disclosure Act dataset for 2007 has been updated. This dataset, maintained by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, provides information about property loans in the United States, including, for each loan application:
  • the race, ethnicity and gender of the applicant
  • how much money was requested in the loan
  • the annual income of the applicant
  • if the loan was considered "subprime" -- defined in this dataset by being three points higher than the prime rate -- how much higher its interest rate was
  • The U.S. Census tract for the property location -- highly useful for mapping ...
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