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Nieman Lab hosts Q&A with new INN/IRE Director of Data Services

Nieman Lab held its Monday Q&A with Denise Malan, the new Director of Data Services in a collaboration between IRE and the Investigative News Network. In that role, Malan will focus primarily on obtaining and analyzing data sets that can be used by INN members; the data will also ultimately be archived in IRE's library.

She talked with Nieman Lab about her background, her new role, bringing the work for IRE and INN together and the future of data journalism.

"I would hope it would become just an normal part of journalism, that there would be no more “data journalism” — that it just becomes part of what we do, because it’s invaluable to reporting and to really helping ferret out the truth and to give context to stories," she told Nieman Lab. 

Read the rest of here Q&A here...

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