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Computer-assisted Reporting Specialist

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is looking for a CAR specialist to collaborate with our award-winning investigative groups on stories that are helping to set the agenda for Georgia. Experience or training as a reporter is important for the job, but the candidates we want to talk with are those with a deep desire and the skills to use data analysis to unlock information and drive innovative approaches to investigative work. You’ll find a newsroom that has staked its future to quality, in-depth journalism, backed by a profitable, stable company that is planning for the long-term.

Key requirements:

  • Strong news judgment and proficiency in converting data into high-quality, newsy, reader-focused content

  • Solid grasp of database server management and Structured Query Language

  • Working knowledge of statistical analysis, GIS mapping and basic programming with a scripting language such as Perl, Python or Ruby.

  • Ability to manage technical work with rigor and accuracy.

Send resume and summary of CAR work and skills to