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Investigative Reporter

Investigative Reporters – this post is for you. You’re already doing what you love. You’re hunting down stories, asking tough questions, going deeper into the story than people have time for in a day turn. Now here’s the question: do you want to do what you love at WTNH-TV in New Haven, Connecticut?

We’re starting up an Investigative Division, so you’ll have an opportunity to be a trailblazer. We’ll be adding to the department over time, so you’ll have an opportunity to be a teacher. And you’ll also have the entire state to cover, so you’ll be busy.

By now it’s obvious we’re looking for an experienced Investigative Reporter. So the big question is: are you ready to put down stakes in a new newsroom, cultivate new sources, work with a different producer and put together compelling lead stories for the state of Connecticut?

By the way, you’d be coming to a great place. It’s a beautiful state, #30 market, right on the eastern seaboard with plenty of things to see and do when you’re not chasing the next story. We also just got done renovating the newsroom, have three bureaus and plenty of great, experienced people in the newsroom. You can check out the anchors and reporters right here - - you were going to anyway. You’ll find they are great at asking the tough questions, holding those in power accountable and getting the story told. It’s a great group to be a part of – that’s why I did back in September of 2011.

News8 is a growing newsroom that is all about the voice of the people. We tell the stories that matter to real people. We say “We’ve Got Your Back” a lot, because that’s our entire mission. Obviously this is the perfect newsroom for a great Investigative Reporter. We won’t be pulling you into general assignment stories. We won’t be relegating your stuff to B-blocks or sweeps periods. And we won’t be asking you to “investigate” leaky faucets.

Instead, we’ll be asking you to do something much scarier – find your own stories. Take the time to go deeper and find out the piece of information that won’t help one person, but will help thousands – maybe even change laws and impact policies. Want to grab the lead story? You’ll have plenty of chances – just go do it.

If you’re interested, please send me a link to your work along with your resume. As for your cover letter, print it up then wad it into a ball and throw into the wastebasket (extra points if you bank it in.) Instead of the cover letter, send me the story behind your favorite stories. They don’t have to be your biggest gets (although they could be) but I do want to know what you did differently to get the story told. What makes you different than the rest? Why would you be the best person to lead this division?

So you want to do your best work here? Start the ball rolling: e-mail all that stuff in the last paragraph to Looking forward to hearing from you!

Necessary Skills: Writing. Accuracy. Can dig, dig, dig. Must be able and willing to operate a camera and edit. Ability to work well under pressure and deadline. Investigative reporting can be pretty physically active, and the hours will be dependent on your stories.