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Applied Data Fellowship

Call for Applications
2014-2015 Edmond J. Safra Lab Applied Data Fellowships (residential)

The Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University invites scholars, practitioners, innovators and others committed to understanding and remedying institutional corruption to submit proposals to join our community.


In 2014-15, the Edmond J. Safra Research Lab will enter the fifth and final year of a project on institutional corruption. We are concerned with widespread or systematic practices that undermine the integrity of an institution, or public trust in an institution. Unlike more frequently studied examples of individual corruption (such as bribery), institutional corruption tends to involve practices that are legal, but nonetheless detrimental to an institution’s purposes. We accept a broad definition of “institutions,” which can encompass public and private organizations and professions, including medicine, government, academia, law, regulatory agencies, and business.
From the start, research at the Lab has been designed and conducted with real-world applications in mind. In 2014-15, as the Lab project comes to the end of its five-year life, our aim is to release tools (e.g. databases, guidelines, applications, etc.) to the public and to policymakers that work toward solving problems of institutional corruption in a variety of contexts. But we need help! The Applied Data Fellows will be critical in helping to translate the research of the Lab into useful tools by pursuing original and independent research to architect the Lab's real-world impact on institutional corruption.
In addition to original research, the Applied Data Fellows will maintain an ongoing dialogue with other Fellows, whose academic and journalistic projects can be translated to and integrated in an inventive range of data-driven tools to reveal, correct, or prevent institutional corruption. Such tools include publicly-accessible databases on conflicts of interest and on money's corrupting influence in government, healthcare, academia, and various professions; high-impact websites and ingenious applications to check and report on perceived and real institutional corruption in these fields; and educational, training and social media tools for raising awareness of both problems and solutions surrounding institutional corruption. Learn about our past and current research projects at


The Applied Data Fellows will be salaried and benefits eligible, and will be housed at the Center. While highly competitive, this Fellowship defies a one-size-fits-all description. Researchers, scholars, and professionals from a broad variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Comprehensive quantitative problem-solving, coding, data integration/visualization, and website development are among the relevant skills, alongside passion, independence, collegiality, and both the commitment and ability to see projects through to completion.


The deadline for receipt of applications for fellowships and projects beginning September 2014 is January 1, 2014. Further details about the Lab and procedures for submitting an application are available on our website: