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Numbers Columnist

The Wall Street Journal is seeking a new—and numerate—columnist to succeed Carl Bialik and his Numbers Guy column. For eight years, Numbers Guy has been an influential and well-read column bringing deep analysis to news events, exposing bogus and cooked-up numbers, illuminating touted statistics and revealing the math behind the news. Carl’s successor will take that baton and write a weekly column for the newspaper while contributing often to

Besides a keen eye for numbers, the ideal columnist will be a strong and lively writer who can help readers understand numbers in the news and in surprising ways—in business, in politics, in the arts, in demographic trends and in sports. The right columnist will show us how studies or statistics can be misleading or biased. He or she will explain the valid way to look at these stats. The tone of the column can range from sober to funny, depending on the topic. Most importantly, it should cut through spin and cacophony to bring true clarity.

The columnist will report to the Journal’s US News editor, Jennifer Forsyth, in New York.  Location of the columnist is negotiable, but preferably in the U.S. Please contact Ms. Forsyth at to appl