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Investigative Researcher




Key Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Investigative Researcher (IR) position fall into four broad categories: information retrieval, interviewing, analysis and report writing.

Information Retrieval

The IR should be expert in the collection of information on companies, individuals and other topics from a wide range of online and print information resources including:

media sources (e.g. Nexis, Factiva, Bloomberg, etc.); SEC filings; records of criminal, civil and regulatory proceedings in the 50 US states; real property records, corporate filings and other US and foreign public records and information sources. Must have own subscriptions to pertinent databases.


The IR should possess sufficient analytical skill and experience to conduct reliable evaluations of information collected through the retrieval process.

Report Writing 

The IR should possess strong organizational and written/oral communications skills. The IR will draft cogent summaries of the information that has been retrieved and analyzed.

The IR should be familiar enough with legal and financial nomenclature to draft accurate, concise summaries of complex financial transactions and civil litigation, working from original documents.



Four year degree

3+ years experience in Investigative Research Broad knowledge of public records including civil litigation & SEC documents.

Excellent written and oral communication and information collection skills essential.

High level of online searching skills.


Interested applicant should submit resume to email address