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Investigative Producer/Photographer

Job Title: Investigative Producer/Photographer

Station: WREG

  • Responsible for gathering, photographing and editing content for investigative reporter. In some 
  • cases, the producer may be called on to write content as well. In most cases, the producer will be 
  • instrumental in the crafting of each story from start to finish.
  • Must have the ability to dig for information using human sources and contemporary 
  • newsgathering techniques 
  • Must bring story ideas to the table and bring those ideas to life on television 
  • Must be committed to the concept of investigative reporting and upholding high journalistic 
  • standards 
  • Must be open to rigorous review of content based on legal and ethical standards
  • Must be willing and able to translate investigative stories into content on the internet 
  • Must be willing and able to use social media to cultivate sources and promote the On Your Side 
  • Investigates brand 
  • Must be able to perform all functions of a photographer, including but not limited to shooting, 
  • editing, operating live trucks and participating in the coverage of special events, severe weather 
  • and breaking news. 
  • Must work well under pressure and on deadline 
  • Must work well in a team environment 

Experience: Ability to shoot and edit video in different settings and under extreme deadline pressure. Ability to drive and operate ENG Microwave Van and Digital Satellite Truck. Operate assigned photography equipment, operate Apple computers. Knowledge of how assigned photography gear works in order to perform minor repairs and troubleshoot in field when necessary. Ability to operate Final Cut Pro non-linear editing system. Ability to type. Ability to fully operate Droid Smart Phones and other communication equipment. Must possess a valid TN Driver’s License (or be able to get one) and maintain a clean driving record.

Requirements: Dexterity to operate camera, smart phone, Apple computer, etc. Vision to shoot and edit video. Ability to lift 100 pounds or more, as needed, of equipment consisting of camera, laptop computer, tripods, batteries, etc.. Ability to get into nooks, crannies and high places to shoot video. Work in extreme weather conditions. Accept travel assignments out of the market as required.

Contact Details: If you are interested, apply in writing to:Scott Sutherland,WREG-TV, 803 Channel 3 Drive, Memphis, TN 38103

Fax information to (901) 543-2167 or email
No phone calls please