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Investigative Reporter

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette seeks an experienced investigative reporter for its investigative reporting team. 

Looking for a skilled investigative news hound with demonstrated ability to sniff out significant public policy issues, hold community institutions and officials accountable, function as a community watchdog. Excellent news judgment, source development, research and writing skills required, as well as computer-assisted reporting and social media familiarity.

This position will be part of a true team culture – assisting reporters with public records and data requests and collaborating with editors and peers on short- and long-term projects. Should possess an authoritative writing style and a deep understanding of how to tell stories for digital platforms as well as traditional print.

We expect reporters on the team to have:

  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Commitment and ability to continue to develop sources
  • Experience developing strong story ideas
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • A team player mentality with excellent interpersonal skills and the capacity to work well with a diverse group of individuals
  • Ability to take initiative, receive constructive feedback, and constantly communicate with appropriate supervisors.

About the City and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The newspaper is a family-owned daily and website that serves a diverse readership extending from Pittsburgh’s urban core to its surrounding suburbs, counties and nearby states. The total weekly unduplicated readership of the Post-Gazette and is 960,817, and the website averages 4 million unique users a month.

We're a two-newspaper town where print readership is still high and digital is growing. Our readership base is highly educated; Pittsburgh is host to six universities, two law schools and a medical school. In Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is located, 34 percent of the population 25 and older has a bachelor’s or higher degree of education. Bio-medical research, hi-tech manufacturing and cutting edge medical research and healthcare are important areas of concern here.

Pittsburgh is a family-centric, deeply religious, community-focused metro area. In short, it has a high quality of life.

Interested applicants should email resume, clips and links to multimedia content to:

Mark J. Rochester
Deputy Managing Editor
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette