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Data Journalist

About us

The Visual Journalism team is a new multi-platform unit within BBC News. The team brings together online designers, TV designers, developers and journalists to provide compelling visual coverage of the biggest and most significant stories.

We use our skill and creativity to engage and inform our audiences using information graphics, data visualisations, motion graphics and multimedia storytelling.

The team is looking for a creative data journalist (computer-assisted reporter) to boost its data journalism output as part of a new global data unit. The role is expected to make a major contribution towards the publication of award-winning cross-platform data projects.

We are prepared to look at new graduates as well as journalists with more experience.


Role Purpose

You will be a self-starter, brimming with original ideas on how to best apply data-driven journalism. You will be eager to finds ways complement news stories, when appropriate, or to identify original stories that can be carried by all outlets. You will be able to delve beneath headline figures and then confidently and succinctly explain the fuller picture to our audiences as well as other colleagues from BBC News.

You will be excited about developing the way that data is interpreted and presented online via desktop, tablet and mobile as well as on TV.

You will be able to work closely and productively with journalists from across BBC News and BBC World Service, as well as with web developers and technical designers, to achieve the very best award-winning data journalism.

You will need to be able to work to tight and demanding deadlines.

You will be focused on creating content that will engage our global audience, providing them with useful, and where possible, personalised information.



  • To generate ideas for data-driven stories and for how they might be developed and visualized.
  • To explore those ideas using statistical tools – and present them to wider stakeholders from a non-statistical background.
  • To report on and analyze data in a way that contributes to telling compelling stories on an array of news platforms. 
  • To collaborate with reporters, editors, designers and developers to bring those stories to publication.
  • To explore and summarize data using relational database software OR To visualize and to find patterns in spatial data using GIS software.
  • To use statistical tools to identify significant data trends.
  • To develop a thorough understanding of the BBC News aims and the part this job plays in meeting them.


Required experience

  • A good understanding of statistics and statistical analysis.
  • A strong grasp of how to clean, parse and query data as well as database management. 
  • Demonstrable experience of visualising data and using visualisation tools such as Tableau, Refine and Fusion Tables.
  • Demonstrable experience of working to tight deadlines.
  • A good knowledge of Microsoft Excel.


Desirable experience

  • Knowledge of several of the following packages; SPSS, SAS, Tableau, Refine and Fusion Tables
  • A knowledge basic scripting and HTML, as it might pertain to data visualization or data analysis
  • Experience negotiating with public officials for data and open records and should have experience of gathering information via Freedom of Information requests.
  • Track-record of bringing long-term journalistic projects to fruition.
  • Knowledge of languages such as SQL and / or R



  • Communication and interpersonal skills: Ability to present information concisely to a broad audience.
  • Influencing and persuading: Ability to present sound and well-reasoned arguments to convince others
  • Managing relationships and team working: Able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a range of people. Works co-operatively with others to be part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively
  • Imagination/ creative thinking: Ability to offer creative story ideas and find innovative solutions to challenges
  • Analytical thinking: Able to simplify complex problems, processes or projects into component parts explore and evaluate them systematically.
  • Planning and organising: Able to think ahead in order to establish an efficient and appropriate course of action for themselves and others. Prioritises and plans activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors such as deadlines and resources requirements relevant issues.


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