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Graphics/Data Visualization Editor

The NBC Owned Stations digital platforms seek a visual story-teller who will become advocate for and producer of engaging and informative content that go beyond text, video and photos to tell the day's top news stories. This person would would work with the 11 NBC Owned Stations to tell their best enterprise and breaking stories in innovative ways native to the digital world: Data visualizations; interactive graphics; combination multimedia formats; etc. He or she also would take the lead on finding the best tool vendors; become the expert on working with these tools; and train others throughout the organization. He or she would also become the expert in changing trends in the marketplace and ensure that NBC stations are ahead of other outlets. This is a role for someone who is part geek, part artist and 100% committed to delivering information in exciting ways. 


  • Lead the effort to tell the day's best stories in new visual ways including data visualization, interactives, infographics and emerging platforms.
  • Train editors in visual story-telling techniques.
  • Constantly seek new tools and partnerships to create those visual stories.
  • Take the lead in understanding the role visual story-telling plays in social media and emerging platforms, making recommendations to the team and to the markets.
  • Work with the development team to take a lead role on integrating multimedia into site design.
  • Work with research to understand metrics on our story-telling and allow them to inform our decisions.
  • Must have enough experience with multimedia basics including photo editing tools, video editing tools, a CMS, photo rights and basic journalist standards to be able work as part of day-to-day team as needed.


  • Photo and video editing skills via Photoshop and Final Cut Pro
  • Expertise in front-end data-visualization libraries such as d3, Raphael, or Highcharts; online mapping tools/ libraries such as Google maps, Cartodb, Mapbox
  • Expertise with spreadsheet software such as Excel and databases such as Access
  • Expertise in Javascript, CSS, HTML and jQuery required
  • Presentation and training skills
  • High energy – this is a role that is as much about inspiring other team members as it is producing great content
  • Minimum of 5 years relevant experience, at least part of it with a news organization
  • A digital portfolio of past work
  • Bachelor's degree

Desired characteristics:

  • Previous experience working in a media organization 
  • Leaflet iexperience 
  • PHP SQL and R programming

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