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City Hall Reporter

The Dallas Morning News is looking for an experienced, aggressive and energetic reporter to cover Dallas City Hall as part of its local government cluster.

What's needed: A demonstrated knowledge and track record covering government, including urban municipal agencies, state legislatures and politics. The ability to develop and maintain diverse sources in a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment. The reporting and writing chops to make complex subject matter understandable, to turn subjects that some want to hide into city-rattling scoops.

What will be covered: It's a high-profile, fast-paced and often unrelenting assignment, joining The News' other full-time City Hall beat reporter. It requires in-depth experience covering elections, race relations, budget and finance issues, private-public funding partnerships, economic development, neighborhood diversity and similar issues. Also key: being able to assess the effectiveness of local government operations/policies, especially in comparison to peer cities and the suburbs.

What else: Because of the nature of Dallas government, the beat responsibilities also could include delving into police matters, state legislative developments, transportation and even education. The mix is constant: breaking news, profiles, creative story-telling, watchdog reporting, enterprise, analysis and investigations. Stellar writing, computer-assisted reporting background and multi-media experience, including the ability to maintain and expand our City Hall blog, are crucial. Spanish-speaking skills are a plus.

Applications: Please send a resume and cover letter by June 20 to Bruce Tomaso, local government editor, at