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  • Infastructure CAR

    The authors list and explain sources for infrastructure data, such as the National Bridge Inventory, Consolidated Federal Funds Reports, and the Highway Safety Information System. For each source, the authors describe what sort of data is available and how it can be used for CAR stories. The authors also list additional resources and other tipsheets on the same topic.

    Tags: dams; bridges; highway; federal government; online resources; public data; story ideas

    By Jaimi Dowdell; Ben Poston


  • Access Q&A: Dangerous Dams

    This tipsheet is an exercise in Microsoft Access analysis, using a database of dam inspections as an example. Even if you don\'t have the dam database at your fingertips to practice, the second portion of this tipsheet may still be useful. LaFleur shares the answers to the exercise questions, illustrated by many screen shots and lots of query language.

    Tags: Microsoft Access; database analysis; practice exercise; dam inventory; SQL

    By Jennifer LaFleur