2019 Board Election


When will voting open?

When does voting close? 

How do I know who the candidates are? 

Who can vote in this election? 

Where do I go online to vote?

How do I know to what e-mail address my ballot will be sent?

I can’t get that page to open/the link doesn’t work.

I did not get the form telling me it was time to vote, what do I do?

If I am joining or renewing, how soon will I receive my ballot? 

If I join or renew my membership on site at the conference, when will I be able to vote?

What is the latest time I can join or renew and still receive a ballot?

How do I know I voted?

I didn’t get a confirmation that my vote went through.

If I can’t find it the email, can I submit a paper ballot? 

What if my friend decided to declare candidacy AFTER I have voted?

What if I made a mistake and need to go back to the form?

Do I have to attend the membership meeting? 

How do we know who won? 

I forgot to vote and now it says it’s closed; what do I do? 

Is it Mac friendly?

Starting April 8, IRE will begin accepting applications for candidates for the IRE Board of Directors. This year six of the board’s 13 seats are up for election.

The initial filing period for candidates is April 8 – May 12. All candidates filing by this time will appear on the initial ballot when voting begins in late May.

Electronic online voting will be open both before and during the IRE Conference this summer. Those coming to the conference will have a chance to hear from the candidates, and we encourage all those attending the conference to wait to vote until after hearing the candidates speak. Information about each candidate will also be posted online.

As in the past, candidates may join the election after the initial filing period. However, voting will have already begun, which could diminish a late-filing candidate’s chances of being elected. To be considered, a late-filing candidate must be nominated by 5 pm (CT) on Friday, June 14.

You’ll also be voting for two members of IRE’s Contest Committee, which judges the IRE Awards. Those interested in judging will apply using the same procedure as IRE Board candidates, and will be selected on the same ballot. Contest Committee candidates’ information will also be available on the IRE website, but they will not make speeches at the conference.


About the IRE Board of Directors

The board serves as the governing body of IRE and generally meets two times a year to discuss and vote on IRE business. One of the meetings is at the annual IRE Conference in June. The board periodically has conference calls.

Directors serve on committees and task forces made up of board members and appointed non-board IRE members.

The seats are for two-year terms, and incumbents may seek re-election to the board. A board position is unpaid; board members and their news organizations are expected to pay all, or a substantial amount, of travel expenses to board meetings. IRE will provide limited help in cases of need. Candidates must be IRE members in the professional or academic category.

Board members are expected to help raise funds and contribute financial or other resources to the organization.


2019 Board Election Schedule

Six of the board’s 13 seats are up for election

  • April 8 – Period to declare candidacy for the IRE Board begins
  • May 12 – Deadline for candidates to file to appear on the initial ballot
  • May 21 – Voting period begins, candidate statements posted online
  • June 14 – Candidate forum takes place at the IRE Conference in Houston
  • June 15 – Voting results are announced


How to declare candidacy for the Board

See the above calendar for deadlines on candidate filing, posting candidate profiles online, and voting.

The submitted materials will be posted to the IRE website.

1. Board candidates should submit the following by email to election@ire.org:

(These materials will be posted on the IRE website)

  • A photo
  • A candidacy statement/bio limited to 500 words.
  • A separate list with the following information:
    • Current position
    • Prior experience
    • IRE experience
    • Expertise
    • Related links (optional)
    • Issues you would like to address as a board member

2. Each candidate must be nominated and seconded by a current IRE member via email. Candidates should ask the two people nominating them to email election@ire.org with a short statement (up to 70 words) of support.


How to declare candidacy for the Contest Committee

See the above calendar for deadlines on candidate filing, posting candidate profiles online, and voting.

Contest Committee candidates must submit a photo and short bio. Nominations are not required to run for the Contest Committee. Submit your photo and bio by email: election@ire.org.

Contest Committee candidates’ information will also be available on the IRE website, but they will not make speeches at the conference.



Voting privileges are granted to the professional (including international), academic, student and retiree membership categories. Your membership must be current through July of the election year. Electronic ballots will be sent to the primary e-mail as listed in your membership profile.