Board committees

Investigative Reporters and Editors committees allow board members and rank-and-file members to focus on specific areas or projects of interest and to explore new projects.

Committees are sometimes asked to address issues that come up in the full board meetings but that need more research. The committees then make recommendations to the full board.

Committee members are appointed by the board president.

2018-19 committees

Executive Committee

Responsible for planning oversight, finance, personnel issues and board development.

  • Cheryl W. Thompson, NPR, president
  • Lee Zurik, WVUE-New Orleans, vice president
  • T. Christian Miller, ProPublica, treasurer
  • Jill Riepenhoff, Raycom Media, secretary
  • Nicole Vap, KUSA/9News-Denver, executive member
  • Matt Goldberg, KNBC-Los Angeles, past president

Member Services Committee

Responsible for member recruitment, reviewing training efforts and member resources.

  • Lee Zurik, WVUE-New Orleans – Chair
  • Erica Byfield, WNBC-New York
  • Kiran Chawla, WAFB-Baton Rouge
  • Jennifer LaFleur, The Investigative Reporting Workshop
  • Jill Riepenhoff, Raycom Media
  • Jodi Upton, Syracuse University

Conference Committee

Oversees conferences.

  • Nicole Vap, KUSA/9News Denver – Chair
  • Ziva Branstetter, The Washington Post
  • Sarah Cohen, Arizona State University
  • Matt Dempsey, The Houston Chronicle
  • Matt Goldberg, KNBC-Los Angeles
  • Steven Rich, The Washington Post – CAR Conference
  • Mark Rochester, Detroit Free Press
  • Lee Zurik, WVUE-New Orleans – Broadcast Track

Contest Committee

Oversees contests.

  • Jill Riepenhoff, Raycom Media – Chair
  • Nancy Amons, WSMV
  • Matt Apuzzo, The New York Times
  • Kathy Kiely, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Jonah Newman, Chicago Reporter
  • Jim Polk, formerly of CNN
  • Norberto Santana Jr., Voice of OC
  • Kameel Stanley, St. Louis Public Radio

Endowment Committee

Oversees the endowment and IRE investments.

  • T. Christian Miller, ProPublica – Chair
  • Jennifer Forsyth, The Wall Street Journal
  • Laura Frank, Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Corey Johnson, Tampa Bay Times
  • Norberto Santana, Voice of Orange County

Audit Committee

Oversees accountability of the organization and the annual external audit by a certified public accounting firm.

  • Steven Rich, The Washington Post – Chair
  • Diana Henriques, author
  • David Cay Johnston, DCReport
  • Jodi Upton, Syracuse University

Public Engagement

Examines IRE’s role in issues of importance to investigative reporting.

  • Ziva Branstetter, The Washington Post – Chair
  • Barbara Rodriguez, The Associated Press
  • Matt Dempsey, The Houston Chronicle
  • Jodi Upton, Syracuse University
  • Nicole Vap, KUSA/9News Denver


Examines issues concerning IRE’s organizational structure and operating rules.

  • Matt Goldberg, KNBC-Los Angeles – Chair
  • Matt Apuzzo, The New York Times
  • Sarah Cohen, Arizona State University
  • T. Christian Miller, ProPublica


Responsible for developing general operating support for IRE and special projects.
  • Lee Zurik, WVUE-New Orleans – Chair
  • Manny Garcia, USA TODAY Network
  • James Grimaldi, The Wall Street Journal
  • Jennifer LaFleur, Investigative Reporting Workshop
  • Susan Smith Richardson, Solutions Journalism Network