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Chris Vachon, Director of Partnerships (Bio) [email protected]
Heather Feldmann Henry, Financial Officer (Bio) [email protected] (573) 884-7902
Amy Johnston, Membership and Registration Coordinator (Bio) [email protected] (573) 884-1444

National Training

Training Inquiries [email protected]
Doug Haddix, Executive Director (Bio) [email protected] (573) 882-1984
Denise Malan, Senior Training Director (Bio) [email protected] (479) 422-2405
Cody Winchester, Training Director (Bio) [email protected] (605) 645-1561
Patti DiVincenzo, Training Director (Bio) [email protected]
Francisco Vara-Orta, Training Director (Bio) [email protected]

Database Library

Database Library [email protected] (573) 884-7711
Charles Minshew, Director of Data Services (Bio) [email protected] (573) 882-1982
David Herzog, Academic Adviser to NICAR (Bio) [email protected] (573) 882-2127

Resource Center

Resource Center [email protected] (573) 882-3364
Lauren Grandestaff, Resource Center Director (Bio) [email protected] (573) 882-6668

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The IRE Journal

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IRE Radio Podcast

Sarah Hutchins, Editorial Director (Bio) [email protected] (573) 882-8969


General Inquiries [email protected]
David Herzog, Uplink Blog (Bio) [email protected] (573) 882-2127


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