A record of trouble | The Marshall Project

As California prepares to greatly expand its use of halfway houses for people leaving its overcrowded prisons, state officials have turned for help to a private halfway house operator that has been cited in other states for inadequate care, unchecked violence and repeated escapes at its facilities.

State DNR veterinarian says she was forced our over ‘on-the-record’ moose calf study objections | Timberjay

A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources veterinarian found herself the subject of an internal investigation within days of expressing “on-the-record” concerns about the inhumane treatment of moose calves during the first year of the DNR’s controversial study. Erika Butler, who now works at a veterinary clinic in Fort Frances, Ontario, was forced out of the agency, officially for speeding while in a state vehicle. Yet Butler said she’s convinced her disagreements with study leader Glenn DelGuidice and DNR Wildlife Research Director Lou Cornicelli, were the real reasons behind her ouster.

Thousands dead, few prosecuted | The Washington Post

Coleman “Duke” Brackney is among 54 officers charged over the past decade for fatally shooting someone while on duty, according to an analysis by The Washington Post and researchers at Bowling Green State University. This analysis, based on a wide range of public records and interviews with law enforcement, judicial and other legal experts, sought to identify for the first time every officer who faced charges­ for such shootings since 2005. These represent a small fraction of the thousands of fatal police shootings that have occurred across the country in that time.

Undocumented overtime ends for state director | Burlington Free Press

Vermont Liquor Control Commissioner Michael Hogan had a private, unwritten deal with his director of enforcement to guarantee 10 hours of overtime every week without requiring any documentation, public records show. Investigation by the Burlington Free Press showed that William Goggins, director of education, licensing and enforcement, received $162,857 in overtime during the past 14 1/2 years.

Inside the police failure to stop Darren Sharper’s rape spree | ProPublica and The New Orleans Advocate

Darren Sharper’s rampage of druggings and rapes could have been prevented, according to a two-month investigation by ProPublica and The New Orleans Advocate based on police records in five states, hundreds of pages of court documents and dozens of interviews across the country.

The deadliest month of prescription overdoses | Oklahoma Watch and The Oklahoman

Tina Orr’s passing, on March 2, 2014, came in what appears destined to become the deadliest month for prescription drug overdoses in Oklahoma since authorities began tracking such deaths in 2001. During the month, 61 Oklahomans died of confirmed prescription drug overdoses, an average of almost two per day.

AP investigation details perimeter breaches at US airports | Associated Press

Several hundred times over the last decade, intruders have hopped fences, slipped past guardhouses, crashed their cars through gates or otherwise breached perimeter security at the nation’s busiest airports — sometimes even managing to climb aboard jets.

In all, an Associated Press investigation found 268 perimeter security breaches since 2004 at airports that together handle three-quarters of U.S. commercial passenger traffic. And that’s an undercount, because two airports among the 31 that AP surveyed didn’t have data for all years, while Boston’s Logan refused to release any information, citing security concerns.

Virginia tops nation in sending students to cops, courts: Where does your state rank? | The Center for Public Integrity

In fact, U.S. Department of Education data analyzed by the Center for Public Integrity show that Virginia schools in a single year referred students to law enforcement agencies at a rate nearly three times the national rate. Virginia’s referral rate: about 16 for every 1,000 students, compared to a national rate of six referrals for every 1,000 students. In Virginia, some of the individual schools with highest rates of referral — in one case 228 per 1,000 — were middle schools, whose students are usually from 11 to 14 years old.

Emails reveal discord over Blackwater charges | The New York Times

As prosecutors put the finishing touches on the 2008 indictment of Blackwater security contractors for a deadly shooting in Iraq, the F.B.I. agents leading the investigation became convinced that political appointees in the Justice Department were intentionally undermining the case, internal emails show.