As NATO withdraws from Afghanistan, the U.S. military is leaving behind almost $42 million in buildings that have never been used, ProPublica reports

ProPublica used reports from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction as a starting point for a story on how — and why — the military ignored the advice of three generals and built a $25 million base that was never used

Since that story ran in May, the inspector general has flagged other wasteful buildings. One was a $14.7 million warehouse complex that was completed six months after the troops in the area finished their mission. 

The latest needless building to come to light is a Special Forces base in Kandahar. Originally intended to help with the U.S. troop surge, construction fell almost a year behind schedule. The base initially had a price tag of $5 million, but, when it became clear no soldiers would ever use it, construction was halted halfway for a cost of $2.2 million. Under the wording of the construction contract, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers may still be obligated to pay the building company the full $5 million.