Of the nearly $1.4 billion in taxes New Jersey residents have paid to fund a new 911 service since 2004, only about 15 percent of it has gone to the system, according to a report by NJ.com.

The tax was meant to support current 911 operations, as well as fund the shift to NextGen 911, a service that allows people to reach 911 by text and gives operators the ability to automatically receive locations from mobile phones.

According to local law enforcement, NextGen 911 would help save lives and potentially solve crimes. In Vermont, where it has already been implemented, the system was able to automatically divert calls placed to an evacuated 911 center to other operating ones, preventing more than 280 calls from going unanswered.

In New Jersey, however, the money has gone to other departments and projects, including the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, the Office of Homeland Security and the National Guard.