An investigation from WRAL News in North Carolina found that early voters in the state’s poor and rural counties were disproportionately farther away from their nearest voting location, compared to voters in urban and wealthier counties.

From 2014 to this year, the total number of early locations dropped by about 17 percent statewide. Two counties lost four voting locations, and 43 counties total lost at least one.

WRAL found that a greater percentage of white and Republican voters were affected over members of other parties or racial groups. Most voters only saw minor changes — which WRAL defines as being between 1 mile closer or farther away — in their closest early voting location. But about 14 percent of Republican voters saw changes of more than a mile, a higher proportion than any other political group. Looking at the raw data, however, almost 279,000 Democrats were affected versus about 265,000 Republicans.