How the Fort Lauderdale airport chaos unfolded

A Sun Sentinel investigation revealed that the chaos engulfing the Fort Lauderdale airport after the shooting in January — chaos that caused more than 50 injuries — was created by false reports of more gunfire and aggravated by authorities who struggled to manage the situation. The months-long investigation found, among other things, that TSA screeners…

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Chicago’s unarmed aviation police officers instructed to run and hide

Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports have nearly 300 sworn aviation police officers wearing uniforms and badges. One thing they don’t have – guns. A CNN investigation revealed that these sworn, unarmed officers have been instructed to run and hide in the case of an active shooter. CNN surveyed other major airports and found that most…

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Extra Extra Monday: Tracking charges for cops, undocumented overtime, police failure in Sharper case

A record of trouble | The Marshall Project As California prepares to greatly expand its use of halfway houses for people leaving its overcrowded prisons, state officials have turned for help to a private halfway house operator that has been cited in other states for inadequate care, unchecked violence and repeated escapes at its facilities.…

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Many airport employees not required to be screened daily

Following the arrest of an airport employee that tried to smuggle guns onto an airplane in Atlanta, CNN has revealed a lack of screening for airport employees. Most airport employees are screened daily but workers like mechanics, baggage handlers and cleaning crews are under no federal requirement for screening. Only two of the nation’s major airports…

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Records explain why US Airways flight buzzed city mall

A US Airways pilot in 2012 flew a plane so low to the ground that it buzzed a mall, according to a report by The Daily Times in Salisbury, Maryland Edmund C. Draper, the pilot-in-command, purposefully lowered the plane to fly about 500 feet over his home, which is located near a busy shopping mall.…

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Control tower errors rise at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

Air traffic controllers made more mistakes recently at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport than at five of the 10 American airports that had more plane traffic, according to a Star Tribune article. And Minneapolis-St. Paul had almost as many errors as the Atlanta airport, which is the nation’s busiest with nearly three times the passengers.