Evidence surfaces in inmate death, report sparks open records action at Texas Capitol

When 21-year-old Herman Titus died in custody at a Texas county jail, his mother wanted to know why.  When she tried to get information from the sheriff’s and county attorney’s offices, officials cited an obscure loophole to the Texas Public Information Act and blocked her request.  An investigation from KXAN found that the same loophole…

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Texas arrests have dropped, but more women than ever are being jailed

The number of Texas women awaiting trial in jail has jumped by 48 percent since 2011 while the number of men only increased by 11 percent. These numbers, as The Dallas Morning News found, don’t reflect any wider upward trend in Texas crime. In reality, women’s arrests have gone down by 20 percent and the…

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Prison officer shared video of her attack so no one would die. Now three have.

Officer Rosie Anderson was alone in a prison block when an inmate brutally attacked her. She hoped that showing the video of that assault would help make North Carolina’s prisons safer. But since then, three employees have died. In prisons across North Carolina, severe staff shortages endanger officers and inmates, a Charlotte Observer investigation found.