Toothless Texas inmates denied dentures in state prison

An investigation from the Houston Chronicle found inmates without teeth in the Texas prison system are often denied dentures on the premise they aren’t medically necessary. Instead, prisons opt to feed inmates pureed meals. In a population of more than 149,000 inmates in 2016, prison medical providers approved giving out 71 dentures. The Chronicle heard…

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Prison officer shared video of her attack so no one would die. Now three have.

Officer Rosie Anderson was alone in a prison block when an inmate brutally attacked her. She hoped that showing the video of that assault would help make North Carolina’s prisons safer. But since then, three employees have died. In prisons across North Carolina, severe staff shortages endanger officers and inmates, a Charlotte Observer investigation found. 

Probe uncovers $150M deal to detain immigrants in New Mexico

An investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting into a New Mexico prison contractor unveiled an enormous for-profit operation that is contracted to make $150 million in five years by detaining immigrants. Although New Mexico is generally immigrant friendly and at times resists complying with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE,…

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Judges steer defendants into work camps for private industry

Across the country, judges increasingly are sending defendants to rehab instead of prison or jail. These diversion courts have become the bedrock of criminal justice reform, aiming to transform lives and ease overcrowded prisons.  But in the rush to spare people with addiction from prison, judges are steering defendants into rehabs that often are little…

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Sex offenders blame island’s water for illnesses, deaths

An Associated Press investigation found that the water system that serves scores of sex offenders held on an isolated Washington state island has been plagued by problems for more than a decade. State health records reviewed by the AP reveal that the water has repeatedly exceeded standards for chlorine-related chemicals. The offenders say the often-brown…

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Georgia inmates left to suffer, deprived of treatment

The medical director at one of the most important prison healthcare facilities in Georgia is now facing allegations that she treated inmates with a callousness bordering on cruelty, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Six former healthcare workers at the prison accused her of withholding vital treatment and medication from sick or injured inmates.

Jailed to Death, a five-part series looking into inmate deaths in North Carolina

Jailed to Death, a five-part series in The News & Observer looked into more than a decade of inmate deaths at North Carolina county jails. The series found more than 50 deaths in the past five years in which inmates were not properly supervised; in some of those cases, inmates had not been checked for…

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How taxpayer dollars fund sex, drugs, and abuse in NC prisons

A Charlotte Observer investigation found that a hidden world of drugs, sex and gang violence thrives inside North Carolina’s prisons and that the officers who are paid to prevent such corruption are instead fueling it. Prison officers frequently team up with inmates on crimes that endanger staff members, inmates, and the public. 

Guards stood by and watched as Georgia inmate hanged himself

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that guards at Smith State Prison in South Georgia watched as a 24-year old inmate with a history of mental illness hung himself in his cell.  Prison policies led to a 10-minute delay in reaching the man, who later died. Guards did not even enter the cell when they saw the inmate…

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