Mental health patients falling through the safety net

KUOW’s John Ryan reports that “in the past decade, a dozen patients of Washington’s Western State Hospital have killed themselves and more than a hundred others have tried.” “Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teenagers and young adults in Washington state. But inside a psychiatric hospital like Western, patients are supposed to…

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Bronx prosecutors declined almost one quarter of all cases last year because of policy

“A months-long WNYC investigation has revealed that those accused of crimes in the Bronx have a greater chance of walking away without any charges than anywhere else in the city.” “In the Bronx, if a victim isn’t interviewed by prosecutors within 24 hours after an arrest, the DA will almost always decline to prosecute the…

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Millions of pounds of herbicide being sprayed on Oregon’s forests

In collaboration with the Center for Investigative Reporting, The Atlantic and Living On Earth, Ingrid Lobet reports that “herbicides have become a crucial tool for Oregon’s $13 billion timber industry.” However, “in spite of precautions, lab results suggest that harmful chemicals are finding their way into residents’ bloodstreams.”

Antidote for prescription painkiller overdoses could save lives

“Washington state has one of the highest death rates from prescription opiates in the country. Overdoses from prescription painkillers now kill more people there than car accidents. And in King County, more people die from prescription painkillers than from methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin combined.” “However, a simple antidote could instantly reverse those overdoses. It’s called…

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