The Postgraduate Reporting Program at the Columbia Journalism School is seeking an Associate Research Scholar to serve as senior fellow and contribute to an ambitious investigative project that will be carried out by a team of fellows of the Journalism School, directed under the supervision of Columbia Journalism Investigations editor Kristen Lombardi, with support from several school faculty members.

The grant-funded position is responsible for launching the first phase of a data-driven research and reporting project on voter rights and disenfranchisement in the United States. The work will be national in scope. The appointment is for six months but may be renewable based on performance and the continuation of available funding.

The requirements for the associate research scholar is a deep and demonstrable ability to identify, organize and analyze complex data sets using multiple sources of information; a thorough understanding of data and investigative journalism techniques; and strong computational skills, such as web scraping and coding. A successful candidate would ideally be someone with a knowledge of demographic and election data and experience in executing more than one investigative journalism project.

The work will rely on the collection and analysis of data and documents and other investigative techniques to identify patterns and connect dots on voter rights and disenfranchisement. The successful candidate will be comfortable with the pressure of delivering work on tight deadlines and will work in close consultation with the Columbia Journalism Investigations editor.

For a more detailed description, and/or to apply for this position. please visit the following link:

The position requisition number is 0000647.

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