® Is Seeking Freelance Data Journalists and Data Visualization Journalists

Position Description:

The editorial team at is looking for freelance data journalists and data visualization creators. Our team creates original, insightful, and clickable stories on the housing market, the buying and selling process, and challenges related to homeownership. is operated by News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and The New York Post.

Our data stories include more traditional real estate stories, for example on the most affordable beach towns and on which home features help sellers fetch the best price. But we also do more current, newsy pieces, such as on what impact becoming president has had on Trump’s real estate brand, and on the effect that legalizing marijuana has had on real estate prices.

Pay range varies based on experience.

Please send applications to Senior News Editor Clare Trapasso at

Data Journalists:

We’re looking for data journalists who are masters at using data to tell smart, entertaining, and sometimes surprising stories about the U.S. residential and rental real estate market. The best candidates will have the chops to analyze real estate data and write up jargon-free stories based on the findings.

Applicants MUST be able to perform their own analyses using complex datasets. That means they should be fluent in the programming languages, such as Python pandas and R, web-scraping and data-analysis techniques, that it will take to run rankings. They should have experience with statistics and data software packages, and be familiar with relationship databases like SQL. They should also be comfortable working with Microsoft Excel.

Please include at least three samples of your work in which you performed a data analysis.

Data Visualization Journalists:

We’re looking for graphic designers adept at taking datasets and boiling them down to their visual core, through engaging and eye-catching graphics. We need designers who can visually convey the relationship between different elements, and who are able to design graphics that read well on mobile devices and desktop screens alike. We’re looking for infographics that take sometimes complex issues and make them easily digestible in visual form.

Please include at least three samples of your work.