Consumer Reports is seeking a Deputy Content Editor to join our new Digital Lab team – a group of tenacious journalists, privacy experts, product testers, technologists and policy analysts dedicated to shining a light on the data privacy and security issues that consumers increasingly face, as well as examining the broader topics of fair market competition, transparency, and consumer choice in today’s marketplace. By scaling our capabilities and expertise for the digital era, Consumer Reports is expanding efforts to protect, educate, and empower consumers in our connected world while holding companies to higher standards.
The Deputy will combine technology-based experiments with classic journalism to uncover how companies may affect our privacy, health, work lives, and even intellectual freedom. And then we’ll help consumers do something about it.
We want our journalism to be consumer-focused, fresh, useful to our readers, and journalistically ambitious. Our formula, honed over the past 80 years, won’t change: We combine research and reporting to expose anti-consumer practices and offer useful and empowering solutions.

• Reporting to the Content Development Team Leader for Technology, this role works with content stakeholders to develop high impact content for Technology & Privacy across all Consumer Reports platforms by uncovering questions that can be answered in part through product testing and data analysis. Work with technology partners to design testing protocols to help generate the answers. Then, find people and stories in the real world to bring the findings to life.
• Plays a strategic role in conceiving, executing, launching, monitoring and shaping content ideas that bridge Consumer Impact Area focus, engagement/policy, as well as other stakeholders including fundraising, marketing and business development.
• Along with content team leaders, generate strong story ideas and act as a champion for them with your colleagues; working with CR’s many internal resources to bring them to completion.
• Develop sources and deep expertise about important digital technologies, including online platforms and new consumer products, that have implications for privacy, security, and marketplace fairness.
• In addition to longer investigations, quickly report on breaking or emerging news stories, providing key insights and advice for consumers. These short-term projects may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days to complete.
• Build great working relationships with our testers, policy experts, survey managers, fact checkers, and other key resources at Consumer Reports, who can all help us develop high-impact enterprise journalism.

You must be curious about technology, and be comfortable with data. You relish the chance to participate in original research, and have a common-sense grasp of what it takes to confirm or disprove a hunch.
We’re seeking candidates with a minimum of ten years of experience producing compelling editorial work, including narrative, investigative and explanatory storytelling. Attention to detail, a voracious appetite for reporting, and the ability to write clearly and quickly are critical.

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