Summary: The Intelligence Project (IP), perhaps SPLC’s most well-known initiative, tracks the activity of a wide variety of hate and anti-government groups and offers real-time information about their activities to the media, law enforcement, and the public through its publishing platforms. In addition to investigative work, the IP also leads advocacy campaigns to pressure stakeholders to adopt policies that isolate and starve extremist groups and individuals. 

The Director will lead the Intelligence Project, expand its capacity to respond to the increasing threat posed by extremist individuals and organizations, and offer strategic direction along with tenacity, passion, and urgency for the critical intelligence work of the SPLC. 

To broaden its impact and reach, the SPLC seeks an individual who brings a well-developed ability to manage and coordinate the efforts of a talented team in a complex, and rapidly changing environment. This individual will be calm under pressure, continue to build on a strong departmental culture that values passion for the SPLC mission and celebrates collective impact. 

While the Director will be the IP’s chief thought leader and visionary, staff and process management will be a substantial part of the Director’s day-to-day job to ensure that there is a positive, productive, and equitable workplace culture within IP. The Director will also be expected to set high standards for research and reporting, ensuring the credibility and accuracy of the SPLC’s work. 

The Director will oversee the Intelligence Project department’s overall activities of editorial, publication, programs, planning, strategy, implementation, and evaluation. They will manage all aspects of IP programs including publishing, research, the annual hate group count, training, briefings, and advocacy campaigns. Directs the work of the staff and has the authority to hire/fire/promote other employees. Directs overall activities of the development and maintenance of the department’s database. Serves as a spokesperson for the Center for public relations, education, lobbying, and awareness activities. Supervises, edits, and develops the work of subordinates, freelancers, and other content providers. 

Given the growing number of threats from extremists across the U.S., along with a recent change in the leadership of the SPLC, the Director has an opportunity to help reshape the strategic direction of IP, ensuring that the work meets the highest standards of investigative research and advocacy and delivering qualitative impact. 

Primary Job Functions: 

  • Manage a diverse team of staff working in response to a national climate of increased intolerance, racism, prejudice, and authoritarianism; 
  • Expand the capacity of the Intelligence Project by helping the team function more efficiently; 
  • Ensure that the research and intelligence work of the SPLC keeps pace with the rapid growth and capacities of hate groups and the extremist community and meets the highest standards of research; 
  • Provide an internal compass for the Intelligence Project to help reconcile and balance immediate priorities with longer-term strategies; 
  • Oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the department; 
  • Ensure that the Intelligence Project has the culture, editorial checks and balances, and workflow processes in place to address its mandates effectively; 
  • Assume ultimate responsibility for the IP’s editorial standards; 
  • Determine the priorities, clarity, and accountability of departmental initiatives to promote collaboration and achieve successful collective outcomes; 
  • Direct department and department staff, and ensure managers are providing proper supervisions and feedback to their direct reports; 
  • Prepare the department’s annual workplan and budget, set actionable and measurable goals, and track and approve expenses throughout the year; 
  • Produce written material for IP and the SPLC; 
  • Oversee editorial activities of the department; 
  • Provide editorial direction for IP’s written products; 
  • Develop advocacy campaigns to counter the influence and activities of extremist individuals and organizations; and 
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the SPLC in the media and other public relations situations and provide testimony to state legislatures and Congress. 

Qualifications – Education and Related Work Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, American Studies, History, or related research field required; 
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience managing teams of 15 or more; 
  • Experience managing an organization or large department’s budget; 
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in journalism, investigative reporting and research on far-right extremism or a related field; and 
  • Experience in taking on the radical right in an advocacy role. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Ability to provide staff guidance and mentorship with research and analysis; 
  • Ability to meet deadlines, take initiative, receive constructive feedback; 
  • Knowledge of hate group/extremist communities preferred; 
  • The ability to develop talent and oversee the professional growth of staff; 
  • Inspires trust, invites collaboration, and engenders an environment of teamwork; 
  • A great listener and communicator with a high level of emotional intelligence; 
  • Passion for the mission and the courage to fully embrace the work of confronting hate groups; 
  • Demonstrated leadership in building and maintain an innovative and positive working culture, including commitment to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion principles; 
  • The ability to capably execute and react to critical short-term priorities while keeping the team focused on longer term strategies; 
  • Strong writing and editing skills and demonstrated experience in both areas 
  • Excellent public speaking and media relations skills 
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills; 
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines; 
  • Ability to gather, analyze and disseminate data for publication; thoroughly and accurately 
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to manage multiple competing tasks and demands; and 
  • Familiarity with laws governing 501(c)(3)- and 501(c)(4)-permissible lobbying and electioneering activity. 

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Other Special Considerations: This job is performed under general office conditions and is not subject to any strenuous physical demands or dangerous conditions. 

Disclaimer: The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the employee in this position. These statements are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of a person in this position.