inewsource is hiring an investigative reporter to go after government accountability stories in San Diego County. That’s a broad description and it’s meant to be. The mission of this beat is to aggressively pursue government accountability stories that may change laws, improve lives and generally benefit the community. That could be everything from failures of the foster care system to political corruption to misuse of tax dollars by a school official to poor regulation of nursing homes. The stories produced should be original and uncover wrongdoing or expose systemic problems that need to be fixed. When it makes sense, the stories should be grounded in data. If you want to report stories that have measurable impact, this would be the job for you.
If you’re the right candidate for the job, you are curious and fearless. You should be prepared to dig into new topics and become an expert in them. You also should be well versed in writing PRAs, developing the right sources and appreciating how data can make your investigations precise and bullet-proof. You also need to be a compelling writer whose stories show why what you’ve uncovered matters. Although inewsource doesn’t chase traditional daily news, reporters are expected to regularly produce stories and follows to their investigations. inewsource produces its work for the web, radio and TV, so broadcast experience is helpful but not required. You do, however, have to be willing to learn.
To apply, email Managing Editor Laura Wingard: