OTR Global (OTR®) is a leading platform for primary research and one of the largest channel research firms servicing the institutional investment community. Founded in 1995, OTR pioneered interview-based methodology and now has more than 130 research personnel, nearly half of whom are international staff based in 12 countries outside the US. OTR has developed a deep understanding of complex, global product supply chains and distribution channels by building a comprehensive base of industry sources. OTR completes more than 14,000 live interviews annually with sources in over 25 countries and uses a unique approach to unite quantitative measures and qualitative responses to uncover inflection points and produce predictive results. 



OTR aggregates, compares and contrasts extensive marketplace data and prepares research reports for institutional investors. Sources are interviewed via telephone, typically on a quarterly basis, which subsequently provides the basis for OTR reports. OTR’s mission is to aggregate information from sources, compare it with expectations and look for dislocations or inflection points that provide investment opportunities for our clients.



The Retail Reporter should be skilled in developing and maintaining active dialogue with 20+ sources comprised of buyers, suppliers and other high-level individuals. The Reporter needs to be creative, curious, and most of all determined to build a dependable list of contacts often viewed as difficult to reach. While the end-product is finance related, having Wall Street expertise is less important than a passion for uncovering news and breaking stories. Initially the Reporter will mainly be contributing source feedback to reports. Once the individual in this role has established ability to deliver high quality source interviews, more regular writing opportunities may be assigned. The Retail Reporter will work closely with the Director of Retail and rest of the Retail team to provide relevant and timely marketplace intelligence. 



  • Background working in or writing about the retail/footwear/apparel industry, or in journalism; existing high-level retail, brand or manufacturing sources a big plus
  • The ideal candidate is persistent, friendly and has the multiple skills it takes to build and maintain a base of high-level industry sources 
  • Understanding of key trends shaping the retail industry and its leading operators, and an ability to identify inflections in those trends
  • The ideal candidate will be able to work well within a team, but also independently and be comfortable working remotely; schedule flexibility is a must.
  • The ability to maintain a positive attitude, self-motivation and confidence.
  • This is a telecommuting, hourly position.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.


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