Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is looking for a seasoned supervising producer with experience in news and/or research to join its staff. The supervising producer will manage a team of producers that are responsible for pitching episode ideas, researching all angles of greenlit topics, working with the graphics team on data visualization, and fact checking. The supervising producer also works in close collaboration with the show’s executive producers to oversee story development, assign stories, track research and development progress, and ensure that the stories are factually accurate and rooted in good research and reporting. This role works across all departments, so requires great communication skills and a collaborative spirit.

Responsibilities and requirements:

  • Work with producers and writers to develop pitches.

  • Generate and develop story ideas and show topics

  • Assign stories and manage deadlines and due dates for various stages of research.

  • Oversee research of episodes to ensure stories are factually accurate, and the research is rooted in a variety of sources, data, and various public record searches.

  • Oversee outreach to sources and experts to provide additional context and background on stories.

  • Edit research documents to help provide context and synthezation.

  • Work closely with executive producers and writers to hone story arc and landing point of episodes.

  • Work closely with the graphics team to ensure graphics and data visualizations in each episode of the show are clear, concise, and accurate.

  • Work closely with the archival footage team to ensure all footage being used in each episode is fact checked, verified, and cleared for use.

  • Oversee fact check as scripts are being written, and as episodes are being taped.

  • Oversee correspondence with legal team to ensure scripts are vetted, legal questions are answered, and legal changes are implemented.

  • Oversee digital team to ensure all digital content is fact checked and vetted by legal.

  • At least 5 years experience managing a team.

  • At least 5 years experience editing other people’s work, and encouraging new and innovative approaches to research and reporting.

  • Experience with archival footage and fair use is helpful, but not required.

To apply send your resume and examples of your past work to with “Supervising News Producer” in the subject line.