How brokers’ bonuses can lead to ruin

The Star Tribune published an unprecedented examination of Wall Street recruitment practices this weekend. The story showed how big investment companies are dangling six-figure bonuses as a way to recruit top brokers, but the deals come with so many strings that the deals often backfire for both the brokers and their clients.

Tips for finding and using data to fuel business investigations

By Tierra Smith Two IRE speakers helped journalists find data for business stories during a session at the 2015 CAR Conference. Andrea Fuller and John Schoen offered tips on where to look and how to use information to build stronger stories. Schoen, an economics reporter at CNBC Digital, said the key to using data in…

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Webinar to highlight new data set on campaign advertising

Got a big election on your horizon in 2016 or even 2015? Join us for a free webinar Thursday and to get a sneak preview of an unprecedentedly detailed data set that the Internet Archive, the Sunlight Foundation and Philadelphia’s Committee of Seventy compiled on political ads in Philadelphia this fall. They’ll be releasing data…

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How to investigate subsidized tutoring

Florida’s mandated tutoring program used taxpayer dollars to hire firms run by criminals, cheaters and profiteers. Last year Tampa Bay Times reporter Michael LaForgia used invoice records, complaint reports, audits and interviews to report on the industry, which goes virtually unchecked by state regulators. In this series of clips LaForgia walks through how to investigate…

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Behind the Story: A source comes forward in the backlog of veterans’ disability

In April,  Jamie Fox contacted reporter Aaron Glantz after losing her job at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Oakland office in 2008. Credit: Michael Short/Center for Investigative Reporting. Aaron Glantz of the Center for Investigative Reporting was reporting on delays in veterans’ disability claims in Oakland, Calif. when a reader reached out to him.  Jamie…

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IRE part of new Google Journalism Fellowship

Investigative Reporters and Editors is pleased to be part of a new opportunity Google is launching for college journalism students.  It’s an exciting program, and here at IRE, the selected student will have the opportunity to do meaningful work with data, gain a deeper understanding of investigative reporting, be part of the annual IRE Conference…

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