2016 IRE Awards Committee

IRE would like to thank and highlight the journalists who give their time, energy and expertise to judge the 2016 IRE Awards.

After each category is reviewed by at least three screeners, the top entries are forwarded to the IRE Awards Committee, made up of members of the IRE Board and other elected and appointed investigative journalists.

It’s important to note that the IRE Awards program is unique in its efforts to avoid conflicts of interest. Work that included any significant role by an IRE contest judge may not be entered in the contest. This often represents a significant sacrifice on the part of the individual — and sometimes an entire newsroom. The IRE membership appreciates this devotion to the values of the organization

 Winners of the 2016 IRE Awards will be announced in late March. 


Jill Riepenhoff,

The Columbus Dispatch

Contest Committee Chair 


Nancy Amons,


Sarah Cohen,

The New York Times

IRE Board Member

Matt Goldberg,

KNBC-Los Angeles

IRE Board President

Saleem Khan,


Jim Polk,

Retired (CNN)

Cheryl W. Thompson,

The Washington Post

IRE Board Member