2016 IRE Awards Screeners

IRE would like to thank and highlight the journalists who give their time, energy and expertise to screen nearly 500 entries for the 2016 IRE Awards.

Each category is reviewed by at least three screeners. Once selected, the top entries are forwarded to the IRE Awards Committee, made up of members of the IRE Board and other elected and appointed investigative journalists.

Without dozens of volunteer screeners, IRE would be unable to run such a prestigious contest. If you’re interested in becoming a screener in the future, contact Lauren Grandestaff at lauren@ire.org.

Winners of the 2016 IRE Awards will be announced in late March. 


Cary Aspinwall,

The Dallas Morning News 


Alanna Autler,


Madeleine Baran,

American Public Media

Sandra Bartlett,

Independent Journalist

Steve Beatty,

The Lens

Helena Bengtsson,

The Guardian

Chelsea Boozer,

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Brad Branan,

The Sacramento Bee

Ziva Branstetter, 

The Frontier




Heather Brooke,

City University of London

Talia Buford,

The Center for Public Integrity

Sarah Childress, 





Jennie Coughlin, 

North Jersey Media Group

Andrew Donohue,

Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting

Gary Dotson,

Belleville News-Democrat




Sean Driscoll,

Cape Cod Times

Jodie Fleischer,


Laura Frank,

Rocky Mountain PBS




Ellen Gabler,

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Cindy Galli,

ABC News

Manny Garcia,





Michael Grabell,


Holly Hacker,

The Dallas Morning News

Mary Hargrove,

Independent Journalist

Tawnell Hobbs,

The Wall Street Journal

Danielle Ivory,

The New York Times

Carolyn Jarvis,

Global News

Corey Johnson,

Tampa Bay Times

Fabiola Torres Lopez,


Kate Martin,

The News Tribune

Shawn McIntosh,

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Martha Mendoza,

The Associated Press

Josh Meyer,





Vicky Nguyen,

NBC Bay Area

Nick Penzenstadler,


Greg Phillips,

WVUE-New Orleans




David Plazas,

The Tennessean

Duane Pohlman,

WKRC – Cincinnati

 Steven Rich,

The Washington Post




Jennifer Smith Richards,

Chicago Tribune

Susan Smith Richardson,

The Chicago Reporter

 Barbara Rodriguez,

The Associated Press




Liz Roldan,

CBS Miami

Topher Sanders,


Norberto Santana Jr.,

Voice of OC 

Kameel Stanley,

St. Louis Public Radio

Jenna Susko,

KNBC-Los Angeles

Manuel Torres,

The Times-Picayune

Nicole Vap,

KUSA/9News Denver

Sisi Wei,


Steve Weinberg,

Independent Journalist

Phil Williams,


Bernice Yeung,

Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting

Alexandra Zayas,

Tampa Bay Times

Lee Zurik,

WVUE-New Orleans