Newspapers over 75,000:

Carl Hiaasen, Richard Morin and Susan Sachs 
Miami Herald 
Documents the impact of marijuana smuggling in Key West

Modesto Argenio and Anthony Cardinale 
Buffalo Evening News 
Reveals that the U.S. Navy ordered more than 600,000 healthy sailors to take sulfa drugs

Henry Goldman and Valerie James 
Bergen Record (N.J.) 
Investigation of a private residential center for mentally handicapped children after the murder of a patient

Newspapers under 75,000:

Clark Hallas and Bob Lowe 
Arizona Daily Star 
Accounts incidents of corruption in the University of Arizona athletic department

Stephen Rassenfoss 
Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Miss.) 
Documents the mismanagement and failure of a local bank

Tom Scheffey and Gary Webb 
Covington Post (Kentucky) 
Investigates the murder of an international coal company president with ties to organized crime

Television, larger markets:

Rick Little and Pat McCarthy 
KGW-TV (Portland, Ore.) 
Documents wrongdoings of a district attorney who pocketed funds

Steve Singer, William Sherman, Tom Jarriel and Christopher Isham 
Shows that the mining, milling and control of uranium poses severe health risks to workers

Charles Duncan and Kay Vinson 
WFAA-TV (Dallas) 
Reveals that local school authorities wasted $500,000 in equipment purchases

Television, smaller 75 markets:

Jack Hill 
KAIT-TV (Jonesboro, Ark.) 
Investigates a pattern of fraud in jailing expenses perpetrated by a county sheriff


Mark Dowie and Carolyn Marshall 
Mother Jones 
Investigation shows how the FDA ignored the ill effects of Benedictin on pregnant women

Jeanie Kasindorf 
New West 
Studies the health risks of intrauterine devices to women, including infection and infertility

Thomas Bethell and Gregg Easterbrook 
Washington Monthly 
Examination of energy industry illustrates that the oil crisis is only an oil-pricing crisis