Newspapers over 75,000:

Joseph Albright, Andrew Alexander, Cheryl Arvidson and Henry Eason 
Cox Newspapers 
A series on snub-nosed handguns

Joel Brinkley *Blue Ribbon Award Winner* 
Louisville Courier-Journal 
A series on the state of Kentucky’s coroner system

John Hanchette 
Gannett News Service 
Penny Feuerzeig 
Virgin Islands Daily News 
A series on corruption in the Virgin Islands


Newspapers less than 75,000:

Sam Meddis 
Bridgewater Courier-News (New Jersey) 
An investigation of payments by a state school to an attorney

Mike Thomas and Wyatt Emmerich 
Cocoa Today (Florida) 
Investigation into the collapse of a condominium

Roger Morris, Toni Drew, Kingsley Hammett, David Hendry, Karen McDaniel, Kathy Morris, Peter Morris, Mary Lynn Roper, Diana Stauffer and Charles Zdravesky 
Inter-Media Investigative Group (Santa Fe, N.M.) 
A group of broadcast and print journalists collaborates on an investigation of a state penitentiary



Robert Howard 
Mother Jones 
“Drugged, Bugged and Coming Unplugged at AT&T”


Television, larger markets:

Pierre Salinger, Robert E. Frye, Robert Roy and Av Westin (Blue Ribbon Award Winner
ABC News 
America Held Hostage: The Secret Negotiations

Charles Duncan 
WFAA-TV (Dallas) 
“Dr. Psycoeverything”

Mark Potter and Lance Haflin 
WPLG-TV (Miami) 
“Human Cargo”



Rod Hansen and Gene Fogel *Blue Ribbon Award Winners* 
WJR (Detroit) 
“News File: A Bankruptcy Court”