Newspapers over 75,000:

Loretta Tofani 
The Washington Post 
A series on rapes in a Maryland county jail

Sharen Johnson and Brian Gallagher 
Gannett News Service 
A series investigating the federal government’s war on drugs

Chuck Cook, Jane Glenn Hass and Dave Palermo 
The Register (Santa Ana, Calif.) 
A series investigating prisoner deaths in the Orange County jail

Newspapers under 75,000:

Skip Hidlay 
Berwick Enterprise (Pa.)
A series on faulty planning for nuclear emergencies

R.H. Ring and John Long 
Arizona Daily Star 
A series on problems in the state correction system

Mike Masterson 
Arkansas Democrat 
A series uncovering evidence that freed a person wrongly convicted of rape


Mark Dowie, Douglas Foster, Carolyn Marshall, David Weir and Jonathon King 
Mother Jones 
An examination of the nation’s regulatory agencies

Steve Emerson 
The New Republic 
An investigation into the connection between the sale of AWACS planes to Saudi Arabia and lobbying efforts

Gregg Easterbrook 
The Atlantic 
An examination of the DIVAD weapons system


James Bamford 
The Puzzle Palace 
An investigation of the National Security Agency

Television, larger markets:

Pam Zekman, Andy Segal, Sandy Bergo and Jack Murphy 
WBBM-TV (Chicago) 
An investigation of how Chicago police were covering up the extent of crime

Tony Lame, Stan Bohrman, Ken Cohen, Tyree Johnson, Greg Meyer, Willie Monroe, Lisa Neibert, Sheryl Stein and John Toth 
KYW-TV (Philadelphia) 
An investigation of Philadelphia’s liquor control board

Don Shelby, Peter Molenda, John Lindsay, Larry Schmidt and Al Austin 
WCCO-TV (Minneapolis) 
A series on sexual abuse of children

Television, smaller markets:

Lis Exon, Suzanne Cox, and Mike Casserly 
KJRH-TV (Tulsa) 
A series on state agencies that handle automobile tags

Brad White, Martha Jones and Ernie Ford 
KSL-TV (Salt Lake City) 
An investigation of local food stamp and unemployment programs