Newspapers over 75,000:

James Long and Leslie Zaitz 
Portland Oregonian 
A series on a Portland bank failure and the wrongdoing surrounding it

Donald Barlett and James Steele 
Philadelphia Inquirer 
A series on nuclear waste disposal

Daniel Biddle 
Philadelphia Inquirer 
A series on unethical conduct of Pennsylvania Supreme Court judges


Newspapers under 75,000:

Jim Quinn and Bill Zlatos 
Fort Wayne News Sentinel (Ind.) 
A series focusing on a religious sect spread over six states; articles document 52 deaths related to the sect’s teachings against modern medicine

Deb Nelson and Rena Wish Cohen 
Arlington Heights Sunday and Daily Herald (Ill.) 
A series examining workplace toxic chemicals



Andrew Revkin 
Science Digest 
A story about the toxic chemical Paraquat being sprayed on fields as an alternative to plowing

Peter Elkind 
Texas Monthly 
An investigation of suspicious infant deaths linked to a nurse



Seymour Hersh 
Summit Books 
The Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House


Television, larger market:

Pam Zekman, Andy Segal, Sandy Bergo, and Jack Murphy 
WBBM-TV (Chicago) 
A series on defective elevators in public housing

Al Austin and John Lindsay 
WCCO-TV (Minneapolis) 
A series focusing on district court judges with casual working habits despite backed-up caseloads

Dave Minshall 
KMGH-TV (Denver) 
Stories about city officials planning to skim money off a bingo game intended to support children in a junior police band


Television, smaller markets:

Bruce Bowers 
WSOC-TV (Charlotte, N.C.) 
A story about improper conduct by the park police chief

Jim Lyons 
KCRG-TV (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) 
A series explaining how life insurance agents were trained to steal customers’ money



Bob Scott and Wendy Black 
KOY Radio (Phoenix) 
Stories exploring the source of a suspected carcinogen contaminating water wells east of Phoenix