Newspapers over 75,000:

Dolly Katz 
Detroit Free Press 
A series investigating incompetent doctors and the agencies that fail to discipline them

Fred Schulte 
Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel 
A series on heart surgery deaths at Veterans Administration hospitals

Jon Sawyer and Bill Freivogel 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
Stories about General Dynamic Corp., a defense contractor involved in allegations of fraud

Newspapers under 75,000:

Peter Klebnikov 
New York City Tribune 
Stories about the questionable dealings of John Zaccaro, husband of Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro

Roger Morris and a multi-media team 
Santa Fe Reporter 
Abuses at a state mental hospital

Mark Vogler 
Winter Haven News Chief (Fla.) 
A series on child molesters teaching in the public schools


Andrew Decker 
A story about how the Austrian government still possesses thousands of art works taken by the Nazis from Holocaust victims

Florence Graves 
Common Cause Magazine 
A story on government approval of a possibly unsafe sweetener, Nutrasweet

Television, larger markets:

Rick Nelson, Joe Collum, Bob Franklin, Peter Roets and Carrie Glasser 
KPRC-TV (Houston) 
Two separate series – one on incompetent anesthesiologists who kill patients, another on a scheme to defraud low-income, minority-group homeowners and take away their homes through foreclosures

Pam Zekman, Andy Segal, Sandy Bergo & Jack Murphy 
WBBM-TV (Chicago) 
A series about the poor performance of the Cook County medical examiner’s office

Television, smaller markets:

Steve Eckert 
WSMV-TV (Nashville) 
A series examining loan fraud within a production credit association that lends money to farmers

Mark Lagerkvist 
WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids) 
Two related series on the questionable profit-making activities of county sheriffs


Harry Beadle 
WGST (Atlanta) 
Stories about the city council president voting on programs in which he had a financial interest