Jeff Leen, Guy Gugliotta and James Savage 
Miami Herald 
Series details the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia, its origins and its grip on the American drug market.

Charlie Shepard 
The Charlotte Observer 
Series investigates the corrupt world of televangelist Jim Bakker and his organization, PTL, led to the collapse of PTL.

Lisa Cadillo Rose, Al Salvato and Robert White 
Cincinnati Post 
Series investigates Ohio’s overburdened, underfinanced child protection system.

Newspapers under 75,000

Jim Balderston and Tim Redmond 
The San Francisco Bay Guardian 
Series uncovers asbestos hazards in the San Francisco Unified School District

Martin Connolly 
Boulder Daily Camera 
Series reveals that the top secret Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant in Colorado contained a gift-making operation (jewelry, etc.) that cost taxpayers at least $1 million.

Chris Szechenyi and Rena Wish Cohen 
Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) 
Series exposes a systematic problem in the way worker safety is monitored on federally funded construction sites.


Jill Morrison and Andy Zipser 
Mother Jones 
Story reveals that a process of moving Navajos resulted in prime real estate being handed to developers while the Native Americans were given uranium tainted land.

Jean Cobb 
Common Cause 
Story examines how the Democratic and Republican parties exploit a loophole to allow PACs and others to contribute millions to building funds that are not subject to disclosure or limit laws.

Television, larger markets

Michele Gillen and Robert Groves 
WPLG-TV (Miami) 
Series uncovers abuse and neglect of children by Florida agencies responsible for them and a statewide coverup of problems.

Rick Nelson, Lea Thompson, Sheila Duffy and John Spillane 
WRC-TV (Washington, DC) 
Story details deaths, unnecessary surgeries and mis-diagnosis of patients because of labratory errors.

Television, smaller markets

John McPherson and Jill Kalstrom 
Series investigates adoption agencies; details kidnappings from South America, suspicious financial transactions, medical problems.

Pat Minarcin and Ed Wilson 
WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) 
Series examines suspicious deaths at a Cincinnati Hospital and an orderly who later confessed to 59 murders at the hospital and elsewhere.