Newspapers over 75,000

The Great Tax Giveaway by The Philadelphia Inquirer 
Donald Barlett and James Steele 
A series demonstrating how congressional committees granted special tax breaks to wealthy individuals and corporations.

Profiting from poor, black families living in a crime-ridden slum by The Dallas Morning News 
Craig Flourney 
Series reveals how 150 poor, black families were forced to live in a crime-ridden slum costing millions of federal tax dollars after the government bailed out a housing project.

The color of money by The Atlanta Journal and Constitution 
Bill Dedman 
A series on how home mortgage lending practices by banks and savings and loans discriminated against blacks.

Newspapers under 75,000

Coal lawsuit by The Charleston Gazette
Paul Nyden
Stories about the West Virginia Department of Energy’s systematic failure to enforce environmental and safety laws concerning the coal mining industry.

Alaska Bush, A People in Peril by The Anchorage Daily News 
Series about the cultural devastation of the Indians, Eskimos and Aleuts of Alaska


Secret Warriors 
Steven Emerson 
G.P. Putnam and Sons 
The Pentagon’s secret involvement in covert operations during the Reagan administration.

Christopher Simpson 
Weidenfeld and Nicolson 
American intelligence agencies used Nazi war criminals in covert operations after World War II.

A Bright Shining Lie
Neil Sheehan 
Random House  
Accounting of the Vietnam War told primarily through the actions of John Paul Vann, an influential American officer.

Television, larger markets

WRC-TV (Washington, D.C.) 
Lea Thompson, Rick Nelson and Sheila Duffy 
Series about a fertility specialist preying on the desperation of couples by leading them to believe the wife was pregnant when she was not.

Television, smaller markets

Down and Dirty by WSMV-TV (Nashville) 
Erin Hayes and Pat Slattery 
Series showing how the city’s sewer department was dumping sludge into creeks, rivers and ditches.

WBRZ-TV (Baton Rouge) 
John Camp 
A documentary demonstrating that Louisiana’s Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control had become a virtual do-nothing agency.


Children’s Wish Foundation by WGST (Atlanta) 
Denis O’Hayer 
Stories about the questionable practices of a foundation that claimed to raise money to grant wishes to sick children.