Newspapers over 75,000

The blood brokers by The Philadelphia Inquirer 
Gilbert M. Gaul 
Series examines the economics, regulation and ethics of the blood industry

Fire in St. Paul by Minneapolis Star-Tribune 
Lou Kilzer and Chris Ison 
Series details a dark association between the St. Paul fire department and arsonists.

Cheating our children by Lexington Herald-Leader 
Kit Wagner, John Winn Miller, Lee Mueller, Bob Geiger, Mary Ann Roser, Jack Brammer, Bill Estep, Valarie Honeycutt, Jamie Lucke and Joseph S. Stroud 
Series shows how Kentucky’s schools are kept substandard by predatory local politics.

Newspapers under 75,000

Ten days in September by Washington Daily News (Washington, D.C.) 
Julia Gray and Michael Voss 
Stories uncover that town officials for eight years had been covering up the fact that the municipal water supply contained dangerous levels of carcinogenic chemicals.

Blueprint for disaster by Anchorage Daily News
Stan Jones, Patti Epler, Richard Mauer and Craig Medred
Series investigates how industry, state and federal regulators failed to operate in a competent manner which could have prevented the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Courthouse patronage by Texas Lawyer
Mark Ballard and Richard Connelly 
Stories find that Harris County’s 37 civil district judges have turned a system designed to protect children into a lucrative reward for political allies.


America’s doomsday project by U.S. News & World Report 
Steven Emerson 
Story scrutinizes a secret government program, Continuity of Government, which is rife with incompetence and waste.

The Big Lie by Florida Trend 
Phillip Longman 
Investigation shows how and why state and federal officials misrepresented to the public that a deadly disease was infecting Florida’s citrus nurseries.


Inside Job 
Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker and Paul Muolo 
A thorough investigation of the savings and loan scandal.

Television, larger markets

Without Just Cause by WWOR-TV (Secaucus, N.J.) 
Joe Cullom, Gary Scurka, Barbara Gardner, Micki Sellers and Horatio Jennings 
Story showing how New Jersey policemen are racist in their zeal to win the drug war

Shield for Abuse by KQED-TV (San Francisco) 
Scott Pearson and Lewis Cohen 
An investigation of police brutality in the San Francisco area.

ABC News
Richard Kaplan, Neal Shapiro, Pierre Salinger, Chris Wallace, Judd Rose, Sam Donaldson, Diane Sawyer, Terry Lichstein, Lisa Hsia, Robert Calo and Rudi Bednar  
A comprehensive look at the downing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland

Television, smaller markets

Grey Orphans by WFTV (Orlando) 
Karin Dorsett 
Series investigates guardianship, whereby the elderly are deprived of basic rights

Who’s behind the wheel? by WTVF-TV (Nashville)
Tom Gasparoli
Series investigates school bus drivers who are accused of sexual misconduct, driving without licenses and having extensive criminal records.