Newspapers over 75,000

The Philadelphia Inquirer 
Dianna Marder 
A series exposing tactics used by a convenience store chain to get innocent employees to confess to stealing money then forcing them to pay up.

Questionable activities and financial relationships of Florida public officials by The Miami Herald 
Luis Feldstein Soto, Tom Fiedler, Lisa Getter, Justin Gillis, David Lyons, Jacquee Petchel and Joe Starita 
Series on lavish lifestyles of public officials and conflicts between their business relationships and public duties.

Newspapers under 75,000

Country Clubs: Staying the Course by Birmingham Post-Herald 
Joan Mazzolini 
Series showing the discriminatory membership policies at Birmingham country clubs.

Edison’s Hidden Hazard by The News Tribune (Woolbridge, NJ)
Eric Greenberg  
Articles revealing the existence of unexploded munitions and contamination from mustard gas and cyanide at an old Army arsenal, a site proposed for a waterfront development.


Toxic Nightmare on Main Street by Family Circle
Stephanie Abarbanel  
A story on toxic contamination at EPA Superfund sites in Jacksonville, Ark.

The U.S. government and the 1990 Nicaraguan elections by Common Cause 
Jacqueline Sharkey 
Story analyzing how the Bush administration spent $12 million helping Violeta Chamorro win the presidency of Nicaragua despite congressional restrictions on involvement.


A Law Unto Itself: Power, Politics and the IRS by David Burham 
Random House and Vintage Books 
The inside story of political influence, bribery, administrative failings and poor congressional oversight of the tax collecting agency.

Win at Any Cost: The Sell Out of College Athletics by Francis Dealy, Jr. 
Birch Lane Press  
A study of corruption in college athletics focusing on campus rape, drug abuse, recruiting bribes, academic fraud and the exploitation of black athletes.

Television, larger markets

Florida: State of Abuse by WFLA-TV (Tampa) 
Steve Andrews, Bruce Breslow and Robin Lane-Roane 
Reports on mistreatment of foster and shelter children by Florida’s Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services

ABC News Primetime Live 
Robbie Gordon, Eugenia Harvey, Peter Herdrich, Richard N. Kaplan, Ira Rosen, Diane Sawyer and Betsy West 
An investigation documenting negligence, patient abuse and unsanitary conditions at Veterans Administration hospitals.

NFL Drug Testing: Illegal Procedure by WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.) 
Roberta Baskin and Joan Martelli 
Stories uncovering inaccuracies and unfairness in the National Football League’s drug testing program.

Television, smaller markets

Children of the Fields by KGW-TV (Portland, OR) 
Andrea Austin 
A series detailing the poor working and living conditions of migrant farm workers

WJCT/Rebman Investigation by WJXT-TV (Jacksonville) 
Winston Dean 
Reports uncovering a conflict of interest involving a local public television station manager, who pocketed proceeds from a charity auction.